Friday, 18 July 2014


In a major contribution to the development of a cogent and insightful counter hegemony in Aotearoa former Green MP and lifelong left-militant Sue Bradford has made public her thesis "A major left wing think tank in Aotearoa—an impossible dream or a call to action".

The product of 3 years PhD research with Professor Marilyn Waring at AUT’s Institute of Public Policy, the thesis sought sort to ascertain: 
  • Why no major left wing think tank had developed in Aotearoa, despite the existence of right and centre think tanks.
  • Whether there was any support from left academics and activists for such an entity (or entities).
  • If there was support, what was the nature of any think tank they would like to see established?
  • What did the state of the activist left in Aotearoa 2010 – 2013 indicate about the possibility or otherwise of establishing of a left wing think tank?
  • With such an initiative in mind, what might be learned from the experiences of some of the think tank-like left organisations that had already existed in New Zealand in the period 1990-2013?
Immediately below is Sue’s Summary of the papers findings and below that an article on the topic , by Sue, published in  Foreign Control Watchdog 130 (August 2012). The full paper can be downloaded here.